Join the battle against five tropical diseases and the parasites that cause them in this interactive exhibition and discover how scientific research taking place in Scotland is leading the way in this field.

Explore the challenges we face in fighting five of the most persistent parasites and discover the people who are fighting against them - from scientists and researchers in the laboratory to the local communities and workers on the front.

The DiaDev project helped curate the diagnostic section in the exhibition. We wanted to remind museum visitors that you couldn't battle a parasite if you didn't know it was there. But we agonised over how we might convey the wonder and ingenuity of diagnostics when they often look so unassuming.

Our case contains the equipment used in diagnostic tests that reveal whether or not a parasite is hidden in your body. Requiring different sample types and costing anything from a few pennies to several pounds, the items on show exemplify what is being used in the battle against neglected tropical disease today and what is just around the corner.

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