REPORT ON THE DIADEV STUDY AT 34TH MILITARY HOSPITALReport on the DiaDev study at 34th Military Hospital

Dr Mohamed Boie Jalloh, 2020

The DiaDev research project was conceived to investigate the design and use of diagnostic devices (or, more specifcally, point-of-care rapid diagnostic test [RDT] kits) in order to understand how such test kits are contributing to the transformation of the health system in Sierra Leone. The DiaDev study at 34th Military Hospital mapped the behaviour of patients and healthcare workers in the context of RDT use and explored how patient experiences were afected when seeking healthcare, as well as the way RDTs infuenced the prescription patterns of clinical ofcers. Did RDTs infuence treatment decisions in any way, and what did patients feel about the diagnostic methods used?

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Zero-COVID-UK: What efforts to eliminate nine neglected tropical diseases can teach us about this disease target

E. Michelle Taylor, 2020

This commentary contributes to the debate on the feasibility and value of elimination of COVID-19 in the UK by reflecting on the experiences of nine neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) already marked out for elimination. First, it conveys a better sense of what elimination is (and is not); and second, it points to the additional value a disease elimination framework can provide for strategic planning.

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Laboratory strengthening in public health emergencies: perspectives from Sierra Leone

Vernooij, E., Kelly, A., Rogers, J., Gbetuwa, M., Street, A., 2020

Lessons learned from post-Ebola laboratory strengthening efforts

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Investigating the Design and Use of Diagnostic Devices: Sierra Leone Research Report

Vernooij, E., 2020

Understanding the life cycle of diagnostic devices in Sierra Leone: a health systems study

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Ann Kelly » Learning the Right Lessons for the Next Pandemic - How to Design Public Inquiries into the UK Government's Handling of Covid-19

Kelly, A, 2019

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